Burning Regulations-

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BURNING ADVISORY - 541-766-6971 (generally updated after 8:15 a.m.)

The types of burning that generally apply to residents of the District are open (or backyard) and recreational burning (described below). Different sets of regulations apply to each classification. It is recommended that property owners speak with their neighbors prior to burning. The District urges residents to recycle their yard debris instead of burning it. If you must burn, however, the following regulations apply:

Open (Backyard) Burning Regulations-click here

Recreational Burning Regulations-click here

The Fire Department, Oregon Department of Forestry, or the State Fire Marshal’s Office can limit burning if conditions are deemed to be unsafe (e.g., during extremely hot and dry periods).

Development land-clearing burning, burning of construction debris and the burning of garbage (including furniture) are not permitted at any time within a 6-mile boundary around the city of Corvallis (which includes the entire Fire District).

Bonfires require a permit and at least one (1) inspection.

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