Station Lt. & Rural Resident Volunteers

Locke Fire Station is manned by a Lieutenant from the Corvallis Fire Department and staffed by up to twelve Rural Resident Volunteer firefighters who live at the station and provide emergency services in exchange for lodging and an opportunity to be trained by the Corvallis Fire Department. These individuals are also eligible for college scholarships provided by the CRFPD. They are shown in front of our "Flag of Heroes":

Will Kalenius- Station Lt.

Keagan Sankovitz - Portland, Oregon
Thomas Gradt - Portland, Oregon
Nick Pozzesi - Corvallis, Oregon
Andrew Keltelson - Albany, Oregon
Jacob Partney - Hermiston, Oregon
Mark Unrein - Mt Angel, Oregon
Michael Kienzle - Bend, Oregon
Neil Davis - Beaverton, Oregon
Brian Cashman - Bend, Oregon
James Stone - Davis, California
Ty Simons - Portland, Oregon
Dylan Kidd - Cottage Grove, Oregon

544 NW Lewisburg Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330
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