CRFPD - Locke Scholarship Program

In exchange for their volunteer service the Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District provides each RRV the opportunity to qualify for a scholarship of $230 per credit hour up to a limit of 18 credits per quarter. Scholarships are meant to encourage professional and academic development of the RRV firefighter.  Certain criteria must be met, including passing grades in each subject and good standing in the CFD volunteer program.


  Full Scholarship Policy                           RRV Program

You may donate to the Locke Scholarship Fund.  Please make your check out to the "Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District" and send it to:
Corvallis RFPD
Attn: Locke Scholarship Fund
544 NW Lewisburg Ave.
Corvallis, OR  97330


544 NW Lewisburg Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330
Locke Fire Station (541) 766-6476
FAX (541) 745-6827
Emergency 911
Corvallis Rural Fire
Protection District