Notice of Public Meetings

The Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors will meet in regular session at the Locke Fire Station at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday January 24, 2016. Please see the proposed agenda for details.

                    Click here for the -Meeting Agenda

Important notices:
The CRFPD works closely with our partners in the Corvallis Fire Department to Develop Fire Codes that aim to keep your neighborhoods safe from wildfires and other dangers. Here is our adopted Fire Code for your review and comment-- Fire Code

With the Fire Season still upon us there are some ways that can help you prepare Your Home for the Possibility of a
Wildfire-    Prepare your home now with an eye towards eliminating beds of combustible materials where embers can land and IGNITE-   We should all also create a family Wildfire Action Plan-

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