Notice of Public Meetings

The Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District Board of Director's meeting will be held at the Locke Fire Station at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday November 27, 2018. Please see the proposed agenda for details.                         Meeting Agenda

Vineyard Mountain Slash Burn Flyer For our neighbors in the Vineyard Mountain area you should be aware that the Vineyard Mountain Recreation District's Oak Habitat Enhancement: (removing the over story trees like firs which inhibit growth by shading), Slash Treatment (burning slash piles), and Conservation Cover (replanting with grasses and forbes) will include the burning of slash piles this winter after significant rains. ODF establishes permitted burn dates based on air quality and other considerations. Significant smoke is expected, especially in the evening and early morning hours. For more information see the attached flyer. Some good firewood is still available should you wish to cut and haul it; contact John Snelling (541-829-6753)

Burn Advisory  The ODF and Benton County Fire Chiefs have lifed the burn ban. DEQ has the final word on when Back Yard burning may take place based upon daily environmental conditions. You must call the burn advisory hotline at (541)766-6971 for today's advisory.

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